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Water to Wine Life Coaching

​​Empowering women to live free though Jesus

A Dog and Nature Lover's Blog


October 19, 2021

This morning I snoozed my alarm a bazillion times. My old dog Wendy was snoring her rhythmic snore.  My puppy, Molly, was nuzzled against my back, sound asleep, breathing in and out deeply. I was safe from the crisp October morning air under my new mandala print comforter. Jesus was so close. I kept dreaming of Him coming for me like Hawkeye came for Cora. Like the prince came for Cinderella.  Like Clint Eastwood standing in the pouring rain wishing so much that Meryl Streep would open that truck door in The Bridges of Madison County. It's a beautiful love story between God and His children. But people have painted it something else. He is mean, hard, constantly feels disrespected, and that his children will never measure up. So false. He is the One God, the most loving and graceful God. Think about the times you see something so precious it stops you and makes you cry tears of joy. That's Him! Think how much MORE He wants for us, to show us, to comfort us. Think just how close He would be to you if you were as open as He desired. It would be just like my puppy nuzzling against my back.

Our Second Blog Entry

Our First Blog Entry

January 15, 2020